Report odour nuisance with STINX

STINX maps odour nuisance in your area and informs industry and local authorities.

Easy to use

Report odour in 3 clicks


Personal data is not shared

Incredibly effective

Your reports enable real solutions

Report odour in 3 simple steps

01  Choose the smell

Start by selecting the type of odour that’s in the air. Pick from five distinct categories to best describe what you’re experiencing. Can’t find a fitting category? Choose “Other” and briefly describe the smell.

02  Rate the intensity

How strong is the odour? Rate its intensity on a scale from 0 to 10 to capture the severity of the nuisance.

03  Report & track

Submit your odour report with just a click. Opt-in to be reminded in 15 minutes to update us on any changes, helping us to track the odor’s progression.

Your reports enable real solutions

See how Roeselare effectively maps and addresses industrial odour nuisance with your input

iNose sensors

iNose sensors are strategically placed in industrial and residential areas for odour detection


Local residents report odour nuisance via STINX, adding a crucial layer of data on top of iNose sensors

Effective solutions

We combine all data to pinpoint the sources of odour nuisance, enabling Roeselare and industries to implement effective solutions

download the free app

Download the free app

STINX is part of Qweriu. We revolutionize air quality management by delivering an all-in-one platform, integrating plug&play sensors, intelligent data analysis, and community feedback tools.

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